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Discussion About Domain Level Ranking Factors

Domain level ranking features include the metrics of the domain which we are trying to rank in the Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MSN etc.) and the features of the linking domain. Vast majority of the Search Engine marketers are agreed upon the influence of these factors in the ranking. Please go to Align Local to improve local ranking. Every marketer who is working online actively always keep an eye on these factors. The details of these factors given below: 


Metrics/features of the Linking Domain:  

SEO experts found this factor the most important because the influence of this factor is bigger than all the other factors. These metrics include domain authority, trust flow, relevancy, quality of links, number of unique domains etc. 


Metrics of the domain at Brand Level: 

These metrics are about the domain which we are going to rank in SE. These factors include the Search volume of the website's brand name, mentions on other sites, presence on the social media sites, content marketing etc. 


Keywords Usage on the Level of the Domain: 

This is all about how effectively keywords are used in the content of the site, overall in the root domain and sub-domain as well. This factor has bigger impact in the ranking. 




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